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Endeavor is the world’s leading community of high-impact entrepreneurs. Founded in 1997, Endeavor unlocks the transformational power of entrepreneurship by selecting, supporting, and investing in the world’s top founders of tech-enabled startups to help them achieve large-scale impact. Today, Endeavor’s network spans nearly 40 countries and supports more than 2,000 entrepreneurs, whose companies generate combined revenues of over $28 billion, have created more than 3.9 million jobs, and, in 2020, raised over $4 billion in capital. Endeavor’s unique entrepreneur-first model, peer-to-peer community, and trust-based network provides a platform for founders to dream big, scale up, and pay it forward to the next generation.

Back in the late 1990s and early 2000s, when barriers to entrepreneurship were nearly insurmountable outside a few limited areas — most notably Silicon Valley — Endeavor focused on stimulating global entrepreneurial activity by providing mentorship to innovative founders based in emerging markets. In 2012 Endeavor introduced Endeavor Catalyst, a rules-based co-investment fund that provides equity capital at the venture and growth stages to qualifying Endeavor Entrepreneurs.

Endeavor Romania

Endeavor Romania launched in February 2021 as the seventh Endeavor office in Europe, leveraging partnerships with three local founders, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), Dedeman, and Globalworth, and with backing from local business leaders.

Linda Rottenberg - Endeavor Co-Founder and CEO

We’re thrilled to launch Endeavor in Romania to help local entrepreneurs scale up and multiply their impact by investing in, mentoring and inspiring the next generation. With access to Endeavor’s global network, the Endeavor Catalyst co-investment fund, and support from a strong founding board, we’re confident Endeavor Romania will have a meaningful impact on Romania’s most innovative entrepreneurs and the country at large.

Vargha Moayed - Chief Strategy Officer, UiPath

As a Chief Strategy Officer of UiPath, it is my dream that Romania’s produces another UiPath. While many ingredients and some luck are required to do so, early guidance and support are key. That is why I believe that the Endeavor global network and support is a true “blessing” for the Romanian start-up eco-system. It has helped numerous start-ups around the world to scale globally and I am convinced that it will work its “magic” in Romania as well.

Mihnea Craciun - Managing Director Endeavor Romania

Endeavor is a wonderful addition to the Romanian entrepreneurial support eco-system, providing a best-in-class seal of approval, an unrivalled personal and professional network, frictionless co-investment capital, and peer-to-peer idea exchange in a truly global setting. This is a unique value proposition for the Romanian market.

Karina Paval - Vice President of Paval Holding

Entrepreneurship, risk taking and innovation are woven in the DNA of Dedeman’s story and we are thrilled that with the support of Endeavor, more young companies will get to experience the exciting scale up journey. We are confident that the marriage of talent, mentorship and access to capital will accelerate the growth trajectory of the next generation of local entrepreneurs, planting the seeds for a more equitable and prosperous future for Romania.

Costin Taracila - Managing Partner, RTPR

I am happy to bring my experience and energy to serve as a board member for Endeavor Romania. I believe Endeavor will play a significant role in the future developments of the Romanian entrepreneurial community which counts talented performers in various economic sectors and will help them unlock their great potential. It is a platform that promotes and supports the entrepreneurial spirit to reveal its incredible power and bring ideas to life to the long-term benefit of the entire society.

Voicu Oprean - Founder and CEO AROBS

I am proud to be a part of Endeavor Romania. I look forward to supporting, inspiring, mentoring, and coaching high-impact entrepreneurs who are willing to grow and expand globally. Endeavor Global has been creating an unparalleled multiplier effect by inspiring entrepreneurs to dream bigger, scale faster, grow stronger, and, of course, pay it forward. The Romanian entrepreneurs will now have the opportunity to join a global platform and network created for success.

CEO - Globalworth Group

We are very excited to support the launch and ongoing development of Endeavor Romania. As a highly innovative and entrepreneurial investor, Globalworth strongly believes that with the right support, the future of Romania’s start-up ecosystem is very bright. Endeavor is the ideal platform to guide and scale-up local entrepreneurs enabling them to realise their true potential at the global stage.

CEO - Centrico Selir, Sella Group

The Romanian business community continues to be dynamic and vibrant, with many talented and visionary entrepreneurs looking to grow and expand in a global competitive environment. By helping the new generation of entrepreneurs succeed, Endeavor will contribute to Romania’s economic and social development, while amplifying the enormous potential they have.

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Endeavor’s global movement is transforming economies, one entrepreneur at a time.

Edgar Bronfman, Jr.
General Partner, Accretive LLC;
Chairman, Endeavor Global

At Endeavor, we believe in the transformational power of entrepreneurship, and FintechOS is solving the challenge of barriers institutions face in serving those financially excluded.

Allen Taylor
Managing Director of Endeavor Catalyst

By helping the new generation of entrepreneurs succeed, Endeavor will contribute to Romania's economic and social development, while amplifying the enormous potential they have.

Rozalia Nistor
CEO Centrico Selir, Sella Group